The Duro PLM and Slack Integration

In Duro, our users employ diverse methods to stay informed about Change Orders.

Sophia Barnett

Technical and Content Writer

August 31, 2023


The challenge of modern communication

In our digitally-driven world, our ability to quickly communicate with others offers immense benefits. However, it also comes with a set of challenges. Nowadays, we find ourselves inundated with a constant influx of messages: emails, phone calls, texts, social alerts and notifications from various collaboration tools.

Managing conversations, notifications, and updates across multiple platforms can be overwhelming and cause information overload. It often leads to fragmented discussions, causing confusion, miscommunication, and challenges in maintaining coherent conversations.  And overall, increased distractions lead to decreased productivity and reduced efficiency.

The impact of poor communication is particularly pronounced in the realm of hardware engineering. Disjointed communication between design engineers, supply chain managers, and manufacturers creates significant challenges. Distributed teams often rely on different platforms, from CAD to PLM to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). As a result, delays and bottlenecks arise when waiting for email responses, especially considering already overflowing inboxes. This fragmentation hinders collaboration and coordination, leading to potential misalignment, errors, and increased time-to-market. Efficient communication is crucial to ensure timely decision-making, minimize information loss, and optimize the hardware engineering process.

What’s needed to solve the problem

Engineers need a central, streamlined way of communicating design changes within their product library to the rest of the team. For example, they need a way to quickly direct Engineering Change Order (ECO) approvers to the right page when action is needed.

At Duro, we collaborated with our customers to understand how you want to be notified. You had something to say, and we were all ears! There was no question that Slack has become the standard for communicating. In fact, most of you use Slack all day long during the work week. Because of this, we’re proud to announce that we’ve developed a custom integration between Duro and Slack.

If you didn’t know already, Slack helps businesses refine workflows and foster effective team collaboration. With features like file sharing, chatbots, and customizable workflows, Slack enhances team productivity by providing a unified location for effortless communication and collaboration.

Our solution eliminates the need to switch between applications or interrupt your current tasks. Slack users receive instant notifications and can easily navigate to the appropriate page whenever action is required during the Change Order process. This simplified approach ensures timely response and smooth workflow management.

How the Duro + Slack integration works

Here’s how it works: whenever a Change Order is submitted, approved, rejected, or closed, preselected approvers and notifiers will immediately receive alerts to a designated channel in Slack. That notification includes a handy hyperlink that takes you straight to the Change Order in Duro. This means you can quickly dive into all the important details whenever modifications are made to a product or component, preventing you from having to manage Change Order updates on your own. Centralizing PLM notifications to Slack eliminates the need to switch back and forth between applications to keep everyone in the loop.

The best part? You can customize Duro-Slack webhooks to tailor the notifications according to your needs. You can pick and choose to include or exclude notifications on any combination of the following Change Order action triggers:

  • Submissions
  • Approvals
  • Rejections

In Duro, our users employ diverse methods to stay informed about Change Orders. However, we highly recommend utilizing this tool for individuals involved in submitting, reviewing, or managing Change Orders. Whether you are directly engaged in the Change Order process or responsible for overseeing those who are, this tool provides invaluable support.

Benefits of the integration

Having a dedicated Slack channel for an engineering team offers two distinct benefits:

  • One centralized communications channel: Firstly, Slack serves as a centralized platform for quick access to essential links and pages. It caters to those who work with Duro on a daily basis. You’ll be able to quickly access relevant pages to find out which actions are required or obtain a link to further resources.
  • High-level updates fast: Secondly, Slack is valuable for stakeholders who need a high-level understanding of the current status of a change order without logging in to another platform. It offers a snapshot view of ongoing projects, discussions, and updates, allowing stakeholders to stay informed and engaged without the need to switch between multiple tools. This bird’s-eye view enhances transparency and facilitates effective collaboration between the engineering team and stakeholders, fostering alignment and enabling informed decision-making.

In summary, a dedicated Slack channel benefits both active team members by providing quick access to relevant pages and resources, as well as stakeholders by offering a concise overview of project status and progress, ultimately promoting seamless collaboration and effective project management.

How to set up the Duro + Slack integration

Please reach out to our support team by submitting a ticket, to have Slack notifications enabled for your Duro account.

More Resources

As you’ve just learned, the Duro-Slack integration bridges the gap between your PLM and team communication. It provides a streamlined and efficient workflow. You’ll receive a notification in Slack when Change Orders are submitted, approved, rejected, or closed. Clicking on the Slack notification directs you to the Change Order in Duro, granting access to additional information. The integration centralizes notifications, reduces information overload, and enhances productivity. Customizable webhooks allow you to tailor notifications to your needs, ensuring you stay connected. Setting up the integration is straightforward, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient communication between your PLM and team in a single platform.

Do you have a great idea for a new feature? We’re all ears! Our dedicated product team is always on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance Duro and take it to the next level. Share your recommendation on our Community Forum and seize this opportunity to shape the future of our product. We value your input and would be thrilled to hear from you. Together, let’s make Duro even better!

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