Build a best-of-breed hardware tech stack

We make it easy to connect with the applications you know and love. From out-of-the-box CAD integrations to seamless connections with ERP and MES, make sure your data is accurate at every stage of the product development lifecycle.


Mechanical CAD

Publish mechanical designs to Duro PLM to alert team members and manage changes.

The Duro SolidWorks Add-in extends the value of both SolidWorks CAD and PDM, providing an easy and convenient way for teams to utilize a PLM-based Part Numbering System, manage file metadata, and release revisions to a centralized, cloud-based platform accessible to the entire team, not just those with access to SolidWorks.

The Duro PLM app extends the value of Onshape by providing a simple means to set up a PLM-based Part Numbering System, manage configurations, and allow design releases to be centralized in a system easily accessible to all.

Duro PLM integrates directly with NX CAD. Hardware engineering teams can seamlessly release their important NX-based design revisions and production files to Duro's centralized hub.

Electrical CAD

Share electrical designs and changes with the rest of your team.

Duro’s integration with Altium Enterprise Solutions makes it easy to synchronize schematics, PCB designs, manufacturing data and components for ease of data management and collaboration.


Send accurate eBOMs directly to manufacturing following a change order.

Connecting First Resonance's Factory Operating System, ION, to Duro PLM makes building design specifications directly into the manufacturing workflow easy.


Quickly synchronize design data with purchasing data, eliminating manual data entry.

Duro's integration with NetSuite ERP enables you to quickly begin synchronizing design and purchasing data.

Requirements Management

Real-time validations ensure hardware designs stay in compliance with manufacturing requirements.

Duro and Valispace's cloud-based integration will provide a 100% digitized and automated management of functional and manufacturing requirements all in one place.


Share alerts with relevant parties whenever a Change Order is submitted, approved, rejected in Duro.

Whenever a Change Order is submitted, approved, rejected, or closed, preselected approvers and notifiers will immediately receive alerts to a designated channel in Slack.

Project Management

Automatically generate a corresponding ticket each time a Change Order is created.

Duro's integration with Jira enables you to automatically generate a corresponding Jira ticket each time a Change Order is created in Duro.

Similar to our integration with Jira, Duro's integration with Linear enables you to automatically generate a corresponding Linear ticket each time a Change Order is created.


Easily trace quality issues in PLM to track history and manage changes.

Procurement & Sourcing

Ensure engineering BOMs are procurable and prevent reordering.

Duro’s integration with Datum Source simplifies procurement, saving time and money by ensuring accurate, informed procurement decisions.

Operational Procedures

Connect your parts library with operational manufacturing data.

The integration between Duro and Epsilon3 enables you to connect your parts library with your inventory and assembly management system.

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