First Resonance Integration

Duro x Siemens NX

Duro PLM integrates directly with NX CAD. Hardware engineering teams can seamlessly release their important NX-based design revisions and production files to Duro's centralized hub. From within Duro, product stakeholders across different teams can process the released information, generate change orders, and better act on the latest released revisions.

Protect and share mechanical designs.

Centralize your part numbering

Assign and manage PLM-based part numbers to parts and assemblies quickly and easily. Users can generate new Duro part numbers from the plugin or link NX components to existing Duro components. Specifications and custom properties can be transferred from NX to Duro quickly and easily. Sync design and build.

Accurately transfer design information

Release new revisions from NX, automatically creating a structured mBOM in Duro and remove the need to manually enter data. Ensure the most up-to-date design information is transferred from your design team to your production teams, reducing the risk of errors and rework.

Improve collaboration across teams

Duro's integration with NX helps teams maintain data continuity between NX and Duro, ensuring that the entire team has access to the most up-to-date information. The close connection between NX and Duro promotes collaboration between NX users and non-NX users across the team. In addition, manufacturers can immediately see if there are issues with the design and report straight back to the design team.

Protect your work

Utilize Duro’s PDM One for check-in and check-out to avoid overwrites when working with multiple team members on the same project. You don’t need to learn new workflows or leave NX.

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Intuitive & accessible for our entire hardware team.

Duro’s out-of-the-box PLM platform is intuitive for your entire hardware team.

Flexibility to build the hardware tech stack your team deserves.

Protect your work from overwrites without leaving your CAD tool.


Duro’s GraphQL API allows you to query rich data on your libraries.

Stay compliant and launch on schedule.

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