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Your hardware tech stack starts with Duro PLM

Duro's PLM platform intuitively centralizes part data, manages change orders, and connects to the rest of your tech stack. So your hardware team can focus on innovation rather than admin.

We keep good company.

Intuitive. Connected.

Get everything you need to construct a robust digital thread in record time. Setup and maintain data continuity starting from your design tools through your production and operations tools. Start simple and add complexity as it’s needed.

With reliable connections established across your tech stack, Duro helps teams maintain data visibility and continuity so that all team members are tracking the same information. Deliver accurate and up-to-date BOMs, part data and real-time sourcing information.

Duro’s intuitive interface and robust integrations increase engineering efficiency. While automated sourcing and data validation features maintain the richness of your product data and set you up for success in manufacturing.

Misaligned engineering and manufacturing teams can lead to high cost errors, like building off of the wrong design revisions. Duro enhances communication across all stakeholders teams and removes the potential for communication-based errors.

PLM is Just the Start

Best-in-class tools. Effortless integrations.

We make it easy to connect with the applications you know and love. From out-of-the-box CAD integrations to seamless connections with ERP and MES, make sure your data is accurate at every stage of the product development lifecycle.

Keep every team moving forward together

Experience the Duro difference

Duro's PLM Platform shows the details for every component and product. View cost roll-ups, revision changes, and product status at a glance. See for yourself.

Don’t just take our word for it.

You keep building.
We'll do the rest.

Fast onboarding. Hands off management.

Out-of-the-box integrations: CAD, MES, ERP and more.

Intuitive & accessible for your entire hardware team.

Duro’s out-of-the-box PLM platform is intuitive for your entire hardware team.

Protect your work from overwrites without leaving your CAD tool.

Nearly limitless integrations give you flexibility to build the hardware tech stack your team deserves.


Duro’s GraphQL API allows you to query rich data on your libraries.

Stay compliant and launch on schedule.

Get affordable PLM and stay agile

Computer Infrastructure

Scale your computer hardware manufacturing.

Energy Management

Gain efficiency by centralizing documentation.

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