Duro Announces Partnership with vdR Group, Further Expanding its Integration Ecosystem

August 19, 2021


Manufacturing Engineering Becomes Even More Agile with Latest Partnership

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LOS ANGELES AND ORANGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Duro, a pioneer in enterprise SaaS for managing hardware data, today announced its partnership with vdR Group, a leading engineering, manufacturing, and AEC solutions provider. The partnership incorporates vdR Group’s Nexus technology, an integration framework built to meet the unique connectivity needs of engineering and manufacturing. With Nexus, the power of Duro’s next-generation PLM offering extends throughout the enterprise with seamless data and process connectivity to PDM, ERP, ECM and other platforms.

Disconnected silos of data are the bane of any business. This is especially true in the manufacturing industry for product data and change management solutions which are often isolated from downstream applications such as ERP, MES, and ECM. Each additional silo can dramatically impact delivery schedules, the cost of quality, and ultimately the bottom line.

“What if engineering data and process management solutions could work with the broader enterprise to behave as one integrated solution? Users wouldn’t need to switch between applications to get the information they need. Parts, bills of materials, metadata, and documents and drawings could be automatically shared and/or exchanged at the right time to ensure everyone is on the same page,” said Martin van der Roest, President at vdR Group. “This tight integration between vdR’s Nexus platform and Duro’s powerful, yet simple PLM solution does just that.”

Duro’s revolutionary cloud-native PLM removes all of the friction that exists today when it comes to setting up and managing manufacturing and engineering software. Nexus builds on Duro’s vision by radically simplifying integrations without sacrificing the functionality and intelligence needed in today’s complex and fast-paced design and manufacturing lifecycle.

Nexus’ pre-configured connectors and transaction templates are purpose-built for Duro. This approach accelerates and lowers the cost of integrations and provides templates for common trigger action events such as releasing a BOM to ERP, publishing drawings or images to a content management system, or retrieving inventory or supplier data back into Duro.

“Our unique partnership with vdR Group is a great example of what the manufacturing industry is capable of when we all work together,” said Michael Corr, CEO of Duro. “I see businesses everywhere intertwining and building networks to attain new possibilities, and it’s been even more apparent here at Duro. With our partners, we’re creating an intricate toolchain of software integrations that will empower companies to design and manufacture hardware at unparalleled speeds and lower total costs of ownership.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Duro’s latest activations of partnerships, including Valispace and First Resonance. As Duro’s network of partner integrations grows, the manufacturing industry gets closer to achieving high-efficiency collaboration and agile development in a completely digitized, automated environment.

To learn more about Duro and its partnerships, visit www.durolabs.co.

About Duro

Duro is a B2B enterprise cloud software platform that is empowering the next generation of hardware teams in the era of agile development. The company leverages software automation to increase workforce productivity and reduce the risks inherent in engineering and manufacturing hardware products. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the award-winning company was founded by Michael Corr and Kellan O’Connor. Duro is helping companies like Sphero, Arevo, and Rapid Robotics innovate better and faster. Learn more at Durolabs.co.

About vdR Group

For 35 years, vdR Group has been at the cutting-edge of enterprise data management solutions for engineering, manufacturing, and owner/operator industries. Solutions include product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise information management (EIM) and application integrations. Nexus is vdR Group’s flagship integration enablement technology designed from the ground up to enhance the capabilities of today’s cutting edge product lifecycle management (PLM) and product data management (PDM) applications. As a technology provider, vdR’s success is grounded in our partnerships with a select group of industry leading software solution providers. vdR technology has helped 100s of companies ranging from Global Fortune 500 manufactures to cutting-edge start-ups. Today, over 220,000 global users leverage vdR technology. For more information visit www.vdr.comwww.vdr.com/nexus

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