Duro Announces Support for ITAR Compliance

July 27, 2023


Los Angeles, CA. – WEBWIRE – Thursday, July 27, 2023

Duro, the leading cloud-native PLM for managing hardware product data, today announced its compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Duro now hosts a PLM solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud to provide an ITAR-compliant environment. This solution enables accelerated innovation within the aerospace and defense industry while adhering to strict compliance requirements.

Many businesses that build or manufacture defense-related products or services must comply with ITAR regulations. In the world of hardware, this includes any information pertaining to the design, development, or manufacturing of defense-related hardware components, such as drawings, documentation and blueprints.

Duro works with a number of customers in the high-tech engineering and aerospace industries, including Muon Space and Orbit Fab. As these companies expand their scope in the space industry, they will require increasing levels of security and ITAR compliance across all processes and applications. Duro PLM acts as the centralized store for all hardware product-related data and as a result must be included in their compliance plans. Engineers, subcontractors, organizations, ecosystem vendors, and manufacturers all have distinct needs that require them to protect and keep track of information that is uniquely pertinent to the lifecycle of a product.

“Enabling ITAR compliance allows Duro to support larger enterprise customers as well as provide regulatory security for our existing customers,” said Michael Corr, CEO of Duro. “As a cloud-native PLM platform, we’re committed to helping hardware companies leverage modern technologies that minimize industry bottlenecks, promote better collaboration and faster product design and development. With our new ITAR compliant cloud environment, we can now ensure that aerospace organizations have the additional security requirements needed to protect their product-related data, using the latest technologies and security best practices.”

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About Duro

Duro provides a cloud-native PLM platform that empowers hardware teams to design and build products faster without compromising quality. With Duro, distributed teams can manage sourcing, BOMs, change orders, and revisions all in one place. Its intuitive interface and predefined agile workflows allow everyone involved in hardware development to make informed, timely decisions. In addition, pre-built integrations with leading hardware partners enable data centralization in minutes, avoiding costly setup fees.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Duro’s award-winning PLM platform is trusted globally by forward-thinking engineering teams. Its customers span across the space tech, industrial robotics, IoT, and consumer electronics industries including Sphero, Rapid Robotics, Orbit Fab, Merlin Labs, and Gilmour Space, to name a few.

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